Research simulator

A complete research simulator system forĀ research into driver behaviour and human factors research. The system consists of a computer, 4 monitors (one for the user interface and 3 for surround vision rendering, a steering control unit (with pedals and gear shifter), sound system, video camera (for head tracking) and a complete set of research simulator software for:

  • database creation and editing
  • scenario generation (script) and testing
  • data definition and experimental research setups
  • data analysis and inspection
  • secondary tasks, detection-response task

For experimental research to study:

  • driver behaviour and traffic psychology
  • workload
  • effects of road intrastructure and in-vehicle devices on driver performance, human factors
  • effects of fatigue, alcohol and drugs on driving behaviour
  • fitness to drive, neuro-psychological tests
  • risk taking, risk analysis
  • etc.